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I am an ashtanga teacher registered with yoga alliance school RYS 200.I trained with CYS London and I have been really inspired by all the beautiful people that made my journey possible.
My belief is that anybody can and should practice yoga or at least try once in their life.
The benefits that you ll be able to enjoy are infinite.
It not only gives strength to your body but especially to your mind . It helps to live life in a simple way when often we get lost and find trapped in a complicated life.
In the Ashtanga Yoga method nothing is meant to be easy on your first try. This is part of the lesson of the practice. Instead of making the practice easy, the method asks you to make your mind strong. If you accept your failure and learn to love yourself anyway, you’re practicing a valuable life skill. You should feel somewhat overwhelmed in the midst of your first Ashtanga Yoga practice. It gets better after many years!
I have been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years, absorbing it through many different teaching styles.

My classes are a welcoming space, accessible to all and my teaching is gentle and introspective with an emphasis on flowing sequences guided by the breath, mindfulness and the peaceful meditative resource of yoga nidra.

Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19, with the strong desire to live as a Free Being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she lived until returning to the UK in 2017.

Searching to find the Truth of herself, Her heart was was deeply called to a Master and she found her way to the Osho commune in Pune, India where she explored meditation, Tantra and Self Awareness groups for more than 10 years. As well as working with people for several years in the healing fields including various forms of bodywork, assisting others through trauma in a meditative way.

In 1994, she entered a two and half year period of silence in a Zen style retreat in Japan (otherwise known as a Japanese prison). It was during this retreat where True Freedom was realized.

In the face of extremely limiting conditions...
She realized herSelf As THAT which has Always been Free, Full and Enough unto ItSelf!

The Peace that is the ground of all experience.
The Love that does not need an experience of Love. The happiness that is our True Nature without needing an experience of happiness… revealed ItSelf to ItSelf.

Coming back into ‘the world’ in 1997, there followed a period of confusion as personality and drama began to reappear causing the search to go on...

In 2000 she then found her way to Intensive Satsang with Dolano in Pune, where the confusion was cleared and no way to turn back from the clear recognition of ‘Who Am I’.

This naturally started the unfolding of the integration process where all personality issues come home in Truth. Where bound up life energy, held by beliefs and illusions, reappear to be met in the light, where transformation happens.

This is an ongoing moment to moment process that never stops evolving and is always fresh and New.

Ananta's life and work is Now dedicated to the Awakening of Human Consciousness, and through her own Self-Realization, her main area of focus is Now facilitating, the simple direct recognition of the realization of our True Nature, through all that appears to play in all levels and back to the ordinariness of Life itself.

Since 2004, meetings and retreats are happening around the world in the form of Satsang or ‘Meetings in Truth’ a Deepening in Self Realization, where the illusion of separation is blown, and the True meeting of same Self is left as a sharing of friends.

Ananta’s way of sharing includes Direct Self Inquiry, similar to the investigation of ‘Who Am I’ passed down from Ramana Maharshi. Yet it has now taken on a definite ‘Ananta’ flavour… after many years of developing in her own unique way, she finds a most easy and simple way of bringing about the Direct Experience of our True Nature and the ever deepening embodying of this realisation so uniquely to every Being who comes to her.

Living from this point of clear seeing and deepest knowing, there is the invitation to meet all ‘unfinished business’ in Truth. This carries over into a unique expression of Divine/Humanness.

All is welcome Here.

Sue has been doing yoga for 20 years and describes her own practice as being ‘focused awareness on the movement & the breath, acting together so that that body, breath & mind are in the now, embracing the everyday miracle of life’
A qualified 200 hour teacher Sue believes that teaching is an art form that grows from lots of self-study and a clear understanding of practice. When her classes come together, a group is created that everyone contributes to and its Sues role to direct this wonderful energy in a balanced and beneficial way for all.

Reflexology works on the principle that the whole body, from head to toe, is connected. This connection is represented by ten zones, which run front to back and head to toe throughout the body, and are most easily accessible via the feet. As reflexologists, we can detect imbalances in the body by working on the feet and then tackle problem areas accordingly to help correct them. It is not a cure, more a helping hand for the body's self-healing process.

The fantastic thing is that reflexology can benefit almost everyone. An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonising the body and reducing stress levels. Treatment can be given to assist with a wide range of disorders, including headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, stiffness in the neck and back, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, or reflexology can be thought of simply as an hour of 'me' time in your busy day, allowing you time to switch off and enjoy the sense of relaxation and well-being.
Michelle graduated in 2008 at the Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition and Sports Therapies. She has attended continuous training and development in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pre-conception and Maternity Reflexology. Michelle’s love and passion for complimentary therapies came about back in 2001 when she sought out alternative treatments for her youngest son suffering with allergies and repeated lung infections.
Your first appointment takes about 75 minutes and includes an initial consultation to enable me to understand any health issues and tailor the treatment to your needs. Thereafter, treatments take about an hour, including a discussion about any changes you have noticed since the last session.
The cost is £40 for the first treatment and £35 thereafter.

Appointments are available every Monday from 9am - pm or other times to be confirmed.

Please book your appointment by texting or calling Michelle on 07850 534 569


Bernard teaches Classic Sivananda yoga, which includes postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation.

These Hatha Yoga classes are suitable for all students from total beginners to intermediate level.

Bernard has been practising yoga and meditation for over 10 years and has been a Yogaananda regular for most of that time.

He trained in Theatre Arts and dance using yoga to help keep him supple in body and mind.

Come join him on his journey into yoga.

Come and give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the shamanic healer, using breath work, sonic sounds and whispered tones, all natural sounds of the subtle energy bodies and using the divine energy of love.

As you relax deeper into the healing sounds allowing the divine essence to flow through you and create your own personal divine healing.

Where ever you are on your journey or path this wonderful healing session is a great way to connect to your inner self and being.

Sessions last for 1 hour and are £55 per session.

On promotion this month book 3 sessions and have the 4th one free saving you £55.

To book at session contact Yogananda direct on 01737 222400 or contact Darren on 07919124651 for bookings and availability


“I felt at peace and serene after” Aurelija Chessington

“Reassuring and knowledgeable on any questions that may arise” Mick

“You have a very calm, caring and effective way of explaining what the sessions can involve” Amanda

“There was a distinct feeling of being surrounded by the wind” Sandra

“I felt energy moving through me and I experienced flashes of light in my body” Pamela.

Fifteen years ago I signed up for my first ‘sweaty’ Ashtanga class in Covent Garden. Our teacher was also a talented dancer in the musical ‘Cats’ and he was a wonderful character. I found him inspiring and soon reaped the rewards of including asana practices in my life.

Nowadays, although I still enjoy Ashtanga I am inspired by Vinyasa Flow, which I am qualified to teach. I also love attending a variety of weekly asana classes, to keep my own practice fresh and exciting – whether it is a beginner, or advanced class. It never ceases to amaze me how each teacher offers their own unique teaching style!

Each class I teach uses dynamic and static postures to gently stretch and strengthen the body, and expand the mind. I encourage my students to trust in their bodies and break down more demanding asanas, using their breath as a guide. If the breath feels uncomfortable, we can pull back from a posture.

I like to create a light atmosphere in class so that all students feel welcome, whatever their experience level. Modifications are available so that everyone can explore the postures.

At the end of class we enjoy a well-deserved relaxation allowing students to soak up the benefits of their practice. Our intention is to leave our practice feeling positive about ourselves, fully restored with increased vitality and energy.

My passion for Yoga started over 25 years ago when I attended classes at the renowned Sivananda Yoga centre in London. The physical demands and spiritual calm and stillness of the practice brought balance to my busy life as a fashion buyer. Years later I discovered Vinyasa Flow Yoga, bringing together my other great loves of dance, movement and music. This is the style of Yoga that I now teach and practice. My classes are a fluid combination of rhythmic sequences, classic yoga postures and moments of stillness and reflection. 

I qualified as a homeopath at the College of Homeopathy in 1988, and, having passed all the competence procedures, became a member of the College in 1989 (M.C.H.). In the following year, I was accepted onto the Register of the Society of Homeopaths (R.S.Hom). Since then, I have built up busy practices in Reigate and Sutton in Surrey, and Lee in South-East London with a considerable amount of experience in all health concerns, and have been employed to teach abroad for Homeopathic Charities in Belgrade and Cairo. I have a Diploma in Natural Nutrition (DNN) from the College of Natural Nutrition, and a certificate in Advanced Counselling skills from New Paradigm Training. These other professional skills greatly complement my homeopathy practice. Currently, as well as practising homeopathy full-time, I teach and supervise students of the South Downs School of Homeopathy (SDSH) in Chichester."

Leanne (Girija) did her yoga teacher training in the bahamas with the sivananda organisation, gaining a 200hr classic yoga qualification.

Her classes include breath work, postures,meditation, and relaxation.

In all Leanne's classes, she offers neals yard organic essential oils to help enhance a mindfull yoga practice.

Essential oils help to calm the mind, lift the spirits and are great for enhancing focus during your practice.

Leanne uses candles in her classes to make the room feel cosy and calm in winter.

Leon teaches Classic yoga, this encompasses postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation.

These Hatha Yoga classes encompass the 8 limbs of Yoga and are suitable for all students.

Leon Deith is one of the Centre Directors, has been practising yoga and meditation for over 30 years. He teaches Yoga classes, Meditation and life coaching and shares Satsang and Meditation at the Centre.

Leon is a Life Coach utilising the System of Soulwork , 'The Work' , Enneagrams and Non Violent communication to enable you to reach your goals and ambitions in life. Soul Work is derived from Hawaiian Huna and system coaching as taught by Martyn Carruthers. 'The Work' is the process of Self enquiry from Byron Katie.

I came into Yoga in the Mid 80s learning Transcendental Meditation, which ignited my interest in Eastern Philosophy. In 1986 I embarked on my first trip to India and started to learn about the great Indian Saints, discovering Ramana Maharishi through the books of Paul Brunton. Another book I read during that time was the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, this book was to lay the foundation for my interest in Kriya Yoga and has been my daily Sadhana since 2007.

We offer the 11 month Kriya Preparation course at the centre taking students each November to Ananda Assisi to receive their Kriya. As well as Kriya Yoga I am an ardent student of Advaita Vedanta, and run weekly Living Consciously groups.

Also leading 4 retreats a year , 2 to India ( Rishikesh and Kerala) and 2 to Ananda Assisi in Italy

I first trained and worked as a professional actress and dancer. The main focus of my working-life was physical theatre. For me the highlight was working for the internationally acclaimed Song of the Goat Theatre Company in Poland.

I am a Relate-trained Couple and Young People’s Counsellor. As well as working for many years for Relate, I also ran the counselling service for staff and students at Reigate College. Most rewarding, was the time that I spent as an advocacy and support worker for Witness against Abuse, as part of an astounding team, supporting people who had been abused by health and social care workers.

Training as a yoga teacher felt like a natural progression and opportunity to integrate my previous fields of work. I love flowing sequences and exploring the momentum and impulse behind the movement. I am also a believer in the healing properties of yoga on a physical and psychological level. I am passionate about exploring and incorporating elements of therapeutic work in my yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga for 10 years on and off and intensely for the last three years.

I first tried yoga when on holiday and couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after the first class. On my return home, I began a regular yoga practice and saw a steady increase in my strength and flexibility as well as in my ability to deal with a demanding job with a new sense of calmness. I was completely hooked!

I completed my teacher training with Debbie Avani in 2014 and have been teaching Vinyasa Flow ever since. Since qualifying, I continue to attend courses and workshops to learn all I can about yoga, both to improve my own practice as well as to pass what I learn on to my students. As well as my original 200hr certification, I have completed an Advanced Yin Teacher Training with Norman Blair and The Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training with the Yoga Nidra Network.

I’m a strong believer that anyone can do yoga and am always looking for ways to make it accessible to everyone. I have completed a chair yoga course and sometimes incorporate this into one to one sessions.

I use my love of nature and the outdoors to influence my classes and I encourage my students to work with the different energies through the wheel of the year to help create a deeper connection to themselves as well as to our natural environment.

Marianna is a Shiatsu Therapist, graduated in British School of Shiatsu (London) in 2017. She also has been a deputy manager of residential homes for ten years, accommodating young adults with autism and different disabilities. Shiatsu is her biggest passion since she was cured from lower backaches about 15 years ago.

Shiatsu is a great tool to help people individually, based on Chinese medicine which looking at the body as a whole. A private session lasts about 75 minutes including discussions of health issues and recommendation of suitable exercises and diet. It costs £40 (first session is £20 and every 10. Session is free). Slots are available every Thursdays from 9am- 9pm or other times to be confirmed. To make the most of it; please do not have a heavy meal within two hours, wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing!

A Shiatsu treatment is a private healing session to assist with stress reduction, pain relief, immune response, spiritual development, and many common health complaints.

Please book your slot by texting or calling Marianna! Tel: 07768236434

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