I graduated Bournemouth University in 2014 and fell in love with Yoga later the same year when I was ignited to my first Ashtanga practice by my incredible teacher Tina Brown.

At the time, the Friday night practice was perfect for what I needed after a long week working in an admin role at an Investment Bank. It challenged me both physically and mentally. The truth is, after 3 and a half years of working those long hours, I realised that banking was not for me.

"And then I realized, that to be more alive, I had to be, less afraid. And so, I did it. I lost my fear, and gained my whole life." (Cleo Wade)

I quit my job, and I jumped.

I had already gained so much from my yoga practice and I wanted to share that with other people. I also wanted to go on a learning journey to discover new things, and learn about people, life and cultures. So I set off to South and Central America on a journey of self-discovery, not really knowing what I was looking for or what I would find.

During my travels, I completed my 200 Hour YTT with School Yoga Institute in Guatemala.

The. Most. Incredible. Experience.  Of. My. Life. To. Date…

Yoga had mainly been a physical practice for me, however during my 3 weeks intensive training; my eyes were opened to the world of Yoga as a medicine, meditation, philosophy and lifestyle. I loved learning about Spirituality and the history and philosophy of Yoga, it became so much more than a physical practice, and I wish to share all of this, along with the uplifting feeling of revitalisation after class with my students. I believe that if everybody in the world practiced Yoga then the world would be a better place. I am so happy to be planting the seeds for growing this philosophy in the UK.

Holly instructs the following:
  • Beginners Classic Yoga
  • Yoga classes are open to all regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner - they offer a deep reaching series of dynamic and static postures, emphasising the unity between breath and movement. Each class offers a complete Yoga experience, designed to gently stretch and strengthen the body, open the heart and expand the mind. Through practice we learn to release tension or resistance in the body. This has an effect of calming the mind, expanding our awareness and connecting us to an unending source of inner peace. As a result we begin to feel a deep sense of physical freedom and can relax into the flow of life with greater ease. As our flow deepens we begin to live from an intuitive space, a space that is full of clarity and vitality. A space where anything is possible! “It is not enough to simply take a step, that step needs to take us into the right direction and in the right way” - Vinyasa as described by TKV Deskichar

  • Strong Vinyasa
  • Power Yoga is a dynamic flowing practice that welcomes practitioners of all levels whilst being complemented with balances and inversions that cater to those with more advanced skills. Each movement is synchronised with the breath which during practice generates heat in the body which helps to relax muscular tension while cleansing and purifying the digestive and circulatory systems.