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“I'm really grateful to have found Yoga Ananda, I can honestly say it's changed my life...” Sam



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Jane instructs the following:
  • Deep Dark Blue Stillness - an Advent Spiral- in aid of Crisis at Christmas
  • Into Deep Dark Blue Stillness - an Advent Spiral
    Sunday December 17th  17.30 - 19.00.
     donation £10.00
    In aid of Crisis at Christmas

    This invitation is to take part in a stunningly beautiful, simple and deeply profound ceremony - the Advent Spiral. As we approach the Winter Solstice and Christmas Festivals the Advent Spiral opens the door to the Deep Dark Blue silence that is especially accessible at this time of year.

    In practice we will each walk a spiral path receiving and leaving candle light. Collectively we will transition from darkness to a fullness of light that we have jointly created. In my experience, just the simple act of walking the path and witnessing others doing the same is, alone a very moving event. The process can also be a contemplation of the journey of existence itself from oneness to differentiation and back to oneness, birth to death, inhale to exhale, movement to stillness and dark to light to whatever you feel in the moment.

    In each of us, maybe it is the yearning for connection to this rich and pregnant potential that is the source of the frantic hunt for the perfect but illusive Christmas present or the drive to find the ultimate cosy Yuletide fire. My connection to this ceremony comes from 19 years of working within a Rudolf Steiner School. I am also a yoga teacher, spiritual facilitator, support worker, maker and shaker and a member of the Yogaananda community.