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“I'm really grateful to have found Yoga Ananda, I can honestly say it's changed my life...” Sam



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'My love of yoga started whilst working in London. I was working hard and living the London life and I needed something to help me relax, release stress and unwind. I also trained a lot at the gym and needed something to relax tight muscles. That was 20 years ago, and I have been practicing ever since. I have practiced many different styles including ashtanga, Hatha, vinyasa, bikram and Jivamukti to name a few. They all offered something different, but for me the connection with the breath, mind and body is what truly made me continue to practice and fall in love with yoga. I had thought about doing my teacher training for quite a few years, and then when my teacher said to me at the end of class if I had thought about becoming a yoga teacher, my mind was made up! I decided to do my teacher training and later my prenatal and postnatal training. I qualified in Hatha and vinyasa and I teach both as well as pregnancy.

My style is very much vinyasa flow and even my Hatha classes I teach have a flow element to them. I like to continue my training and practice and have attended many workshops with some wonderful teachers including Jon Scott. For me, it's very important to give clear, precise instruction - I try to always offer something different in every class ensuring I concentrate on strength, flexibility, injury prevention and alignment. I like to think that my classes are open to everyone as I can offer a strong class with progressions for those that like a challenge and want to deepen their practice but I also give modifications for those who have injuries and wanting a softer practice. I believe that students should always listen to their own bodies. Mindfulness and the breath is the most important part of yoga, as without that there can be no yoga. Yoga is not about what the person next to you is doing, but about focusing on what is right for your own body, at that time and always being true to yourself'.

Maritsa instructs the following:
  • Pregnancy Course
  • Investment £50 - 5 week course 

    Nourish and relax your mind, your body and your baby with our 5 week prenatal course.

    Pregnancy Yoga is a safe, simple and natural method of preparing for the miracle of childbirth. Our prenatal class helps to prepare for birth in lots of ways which includes, movement of the body by strengthening and stretching, breathing techniques & pelvic floor work.

    Linking the postures with breath, combined with relaxation techniques, will help bring more awareness to the mind and body helping you connect with your baby and sending positive energy to your baby throughout your practice and pregnancy.

    Pregnancy yoga classes combine relaxation techniques with stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises to teach women the essential skill of being able breathe correctly throughout their pregnancy and birth.

    In our classes, we focus on all areas of the body to help relax, nourish, create space, soften and open the body and you can be sure that you will have a safe, gentle and effective class guiding you through your journey and preparing you to bond with your baby from the very beginning.

    You will be encouraged to do as little or as much of the class as you feel able to, always remembering to listen to your body and what it is telling you on that day.
    We always end our classes with relaxation (the best bit!) where you can really relax the body and mind and absorb the amazing benefits of your class to you and your baby.

    The Benefits
    Our Pregnancy yoga classes at Ananda will help to :-

    Improve circulation
    Soften and open the body
    Relieve Anxiety and stress
    Strengthen the pelvic floor and uterus
    Alleviate nausea and heartburn
    Relieve Water retention
    Relieve Lower Back Pain by building strength helping to support the back
    Strengthen the Body and mind to help Prepare for an Active Birth
    Speed up Labour by using gravity and movement
    Promote the Optimum Foetal Position
    Open the chest and shoulders
    Open and create space around the hips
    Strengthen and tone the lower body
    Assist with your general wellbeing

    The Teacher
    It is so important in finding the right teacher to help you on your wonderful journey as this will help with your enjoyment of your pregnancy yoga classes and help you connect.
    Our pregnancy yoga teacher at Ananda is a mother herself who understand this important time, a time to nourish and take good care of yourself, she is certified to teach and has a certification in prenatal and post natal yoga.

    Our classes are open to all pregnant ladies in their second and third trimester and advise you can start from 12+ weeks. As always check with your midwife and/or doctor before starting a prenatal yoga class and preferably it is advisable to start after you have had your first scan.
    You are then able to continue attending classes up until your birth date and you don't need to have practised yoga previously to attend, you will still feel all the amazing benefits of your yoga practice. Similarly, if you have practiced yoga previously, we can modify so that you can get a good, but most important, a safe practice too.

  • Hatha Flow Yoga
  • Hatha Flow Yoga

    Hatha flow yoga is a meditative flow of a similar intensity as a Hatha class. This class incorporates all areas of a traditional Hatha yoga class focusing on steady breathing and postures but combining a flow element and slow salutations. You'll practice holding postures & smooth transitions which will help the body open gently and mindfully allowing you to move deeper into your body.

    This style of yoga provides poses that range from gentle to challenging, modifications, options and progressions will be given throughout this class and emphasis is placed on safe alignment & maintaining even, steady breathing. This style will help build flexibility, stability and strength whilst always focusing on correct alignment.

    This style is suitable for beginners and all levels. Experienced students who want a slower practice focusing on correct alignment and concentration will also benefit from this practice.